Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Soapy popped "The Question"


So a friend of mine Mama M. came up with this great idea of a week  long recount for Valentines Day. Today is about how your man popped the question! It looks like fun so visit her blog for all the details and to link up with your own story! Enjoy!

Well, poor thing, the story to follow didn't turn out ANY way close to what he had planned. In his defense, he had put a lot of thought into the wonderful moment until....the Navy stepped in.....

Ok, so right before Valentines Day, I rented a duplex (knowing that sometime soon I knew I would not be the only one living there). I had found a replicaj model '67 Camero convertible. Soapy had told me how much he would love one so I bought this model and put it all together and had been working on it for several weeks. Due to drug use by his roommate on base, he had started moving some things over to my place since he spent more time there than he did with his roomie.

He told me that he was taking me to dinner downtown Charleston, SC for Valentines Day. We were not getting to spend much time together at that point because I was finishing my last year of school and he was working shift work. I was totally excited for our date just to spend time with him but I also knew it would be a perfect opportunity for him to ask me to marry him.

I was all ready for our date, he was going to be off watch and picking me up about 7:30....at 8:45 I am getting a call that he still has not left yet. The guy that was supposed to releave his watch had not shown up. At 9:30 he finally was there and was exhausted. He came in and asked me if I even wanted to go or just stay in and watch a movie. We had missed our reservations at one of the most prestigious restaurants in town.

I was internally bummed as I felt that he wasn't going to ask and part of me wanted to just give up but decided to go out anyways. We went downtown to a greek restaurant/pub. Totally NOT romantic in any way, I was in a sweatshirt and jeans if I remember correctly. We ran into some friends as we were leaving and one asked if he was ever going to ask me to marry him and he just laughed.

We went for our walk down the Battery as we always did and walked to the gazebo. This gazebo was a special place for me. It is where my dad re-enlisted each time while he was in the Navy. I had dreamt as a little girl that I would say my vows under it and as a little girl loved to dance around on it like I was a princess. It was nearly midnight and very dark. As we were talking about how I wanted to get married there some day he got down on one knee. He opened a box and there was a ring!!!  A policeman on a side street must have seen what he was doing and started flashing his brites and top lights, it was so sweet. As we walked back down the Battery some kids on the other side of the wall were shooting off fireworks. Someone had put fireworks there just  for  me (haha)!

Later he admitted to how detailed the original plan was. He had made a special menu at the restaurant for me to read as they presented champagne and the ring. It was going to be the most romantic thing he has ever done. Instead, I almost found the ring rolled up in a sweatshirt he left at my place, we went out in jeans and sweatshirts because "we might as well" and then everything turned out perfectly!


  1. That is such a cute story! Funny how things didn't go as planned, but now it seems the story is that much more meaningful!

  2. Cute, cute story.....Love your blog design....