Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting to Know You

1. Middle name?


2. What do you think is your best asset (physical)?


3. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be (Mexican, American,Chinese..etc.)?


4. Walmart or Target?


5. Favorite State besides the one you live in?

South Carolina!

6. What side of the bed do you sleep on, left or right?


7. King or Queen size bed?


8. Beer or wine?


9. or room temp?


10. it or hate it?

Love it!
Thanks Keely! This is fun! Have a great Sunday; as long as it's better than last Sunday! lol

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photography related giveaway

It is SO Christmas time!!! I keep finding such wonderful giveaways! This morning MckMama  and Grammie Mommy posted a giveaway for Photoshop and Lightroom! Go check it out for all the details and enter for a chance to win! The contest goes until Sunday!

Good luck to you all!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Giveaway!

I am finding all sorts of fun stuff to pass along today! This giveaway is so darn cute! I hope I win them for Braedon!! He would love them and maybe (wink wink) it would give him a reason to start walking for Christmas!!
Go check them out!

Give for Compassion!

This is a wonderful idea! Aside from the wonderful prize being offered here, Compassion is a wonderful organization! I live not too far from their front door and have seen how they have affected many projects but also the impact they have on Colorado Springs. When I saw this contest I decided to give in addition to what I have done in the past. Please think about giving to this group, they truly use every donation and multiply it to help many!

What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot and Healthy Week 7 it feels like I have been gone FOREVER!! I am finally done with the Nutcracker (sigh of relief for the opportunity to get things done for Christmas...somewhat sad that it comes and goes in such a whirlwind though--pictures soon I hope). I got back home tonight from having Braedon at Childrens and Nat'l Jewish in Denver for him being sick, trying to figure it all out. Plans and theories are in the process so please pray we get the answers and results soon!

ANYWAYS....on to my week!
I have continued monitoring what I am eating, forcing myself to drink one water bottle during and right after breakfast, one mid day and one in the afternoon while I am getting prepared to fix dinner. I figure that way, aside from anything else I drink (which I do) I am getting about 80 ounces of water in a day!

I have lost another 2 pounds this past week and though my workouts have not been fabulous or structured..with Nutcracker I have spent Thursday-Monday running around for nearly 3 hours before taking a break. The hour long show...yea...running from one end of the stage to the other to get kids on and then off stage is a lot more work than it sounds.

I am so excited to see what this week holds now that I am done with Nutcracker and next calendar week we will be in Texas so I will have help with the kids and can actually sneak off to the gym or...*gasp* go run the neighborhood because it isn't -20 there!!!

Keely, sorry, I have not gotten in my pilates this week but I wil def make up for it this week! I miss them!!! Any more good exercises to strengthen the lower back???

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nutcracker and Prayers

This morning was opening for Nutcracker and the kids did a wonderful job all in all! It was a wonderful opening that showed how dedicated our kids are and how wonderfully they work together and care about each other. Please pray that the next 4 shows go just as well or better and that everyone gets to and from safely and healthy!

Next, please pray for Braedon. I picked him up this afternoon after the show was over and he seemed ok. By the time we got home and I started to make lunch he threw up once (assuming it was from shoving his hand down his throat because he was hungry) I continued to try and feed him lunch. I gave up on this attempt as he screamed and threw the food on the floor....yes, nice mess. :) He felt warm so I took his temp and it was at 101.6 and his eczema has flared up bad. A few hours later I changed a horrible diaper that was mixed with blood in it again. We have been blood free since June and now we are starting over with the same place we were this time last year. The doctors aren't sure what to do, his respiratory stuff still isn't better and they don't know what to do about that either. SO, we have now thrown up three times today...running a temp still...blood....Lord, please take care of my baby and heal him so we can have a wonderful, carefree Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jewelry Contest!

There is a contest going on at Keely's blog for some beautiful jewelry! Go check it out!!! I know I have! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot and Healthy week 6

This past week was not very good. I had the flu...among other wonderful monthly exercising didn't really happen. Here's a recap:

Keely, I didn't do the exercises every day but I did get two days worth done.

I did get TONS of veggies and fruits in as anything fried or too flavorful turned me off being sick and all.....I ate very well and lost 3 pounds!

Over the next 3 weeks I just want to lose the last 10 pounds to my goal for the year, I need to still get in a consistent routine. I am having trouble with this since right now I can't take Braedon to the gym daycare center.

Working out at home usually ends up happening at 10pm after the kids are in bed and the house is picked up....lately I have not been motivated to do that verses going to sleep. On a positive note, I did rehearse Nutcracker for 3 hours this past weekend as our show opens Thursday.

Well, there you go. Not a spectacular week but this week is packed full so, should be good!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting to Know Me!

I found this on a friend's blog and thought I would jump in! Please feel free to jump in too! Have fun with this, either leave your answers in the comment section (just cut and paste the questions) or link up to McLinky! :)

1. How old are you?


2.Where are you from and where do you live now?

Originally from Charleston,SC. My dad was military and we moved a lot from ages 9-16. I went back to Charleston for college and met my hubby there. We moved back to Texas when he got out of the Navy and now live in Colorado take your pick! :) --I claim Chas.

3. What music have you been diggin lately?

Christmas of course!

4. Favorite food(s)?

Mexican...or anything with dairy as I just recently got to start eating it again after not eating it for a year.

5. Single,married, divorced?

Married nearly 7 years.

6. Kids? If so, how many and how old?

Six...Two here on earth: Caileigh 5 and Braedon 1, 4 more waiting for me in Heaven.

7. What are 3 blogs you read daily?

I read about 5 different blogs a day and would rather not specify just to keep others from wondering why I don't check theirs daily too.

8. What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition?

Hmmm, making Jesus' birthday cake with Caileigh, baking and taking it around to the polic/fire departments and military institutions here in town on Christmas morning.

9. Lastly, if you're a blogger, how long have you been blogging and if you don't have long have you been reading blogs?

I have been blogging since April and following MckMama's blog for the past year. I have a few friends that also keep blogs but don't update often; they have been blogging for nearly 2 years.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forgiveness and Grace

So, in light of all the drama in the tabloids about this couple and that couple, I decided to write this post. It is sad that our society has to focus on the "he said/ she said" instead of trying to help these couples overcome their struggles.

Why does our world see it as their duty to air everyone's dirty laundry? Why does a person's infidelities, moral hangups, police run-ins, alcoholic and drug setbacks make the news??!!!!??

You don't see them airing the blessings and positive happenings of our celebrities lives. Why not focus on the good parenting moments or the loving actions or embraces of a couple? What about the kindness extended to total strangers and charity donations that are given? Report about things that will lift others up! Encourage your readers to aspire to do more with their life and stop the gossipping that is tearing eachother down and stirring up insecurities in their own lives. This would be far more productive in so many ways.

I believe struggles that come to light should be dealt with in private. It is not my business to know what is happening in another's personal life. If they are struggling and would like help and come to me for that help, it is totally their choice.

Healing begins with you though. It requires you to feel remorse and desire to change. You have to own your mistakes to yourself, to the victim(s) involved, to God, and to a counselor as needed. Once you can own your mistakes you can start the road to recovery, healing, and moving forward.

I do believe in counseling, Christian counseling above all as I feel these counselors have the desire to help you restore your marriage at all costs if possible. Counseling allows both sides to air out their hurts, their fears, their individual faults in a neutral environment. You have a third party to hold you accountable for your actions. They help you to increase proper communication and teach you how to prevent the current situation from arising again.

Next comes forgiveness. Forgiveness needs to come from you to yourself. You can ask for forgiveness of the person you hurt but you have to be able to forgive yourself in order to put it in the past. You have to ask for forgiveness from your partner. The hard part is you have to realize they may not forgive you; or if they do, don't be confused with forgiveness and forgetfulness. Your spouse may forgive you but it takes time to forget. I know this from personal experiences. My husband, after 3 years of marriage, revealed some very hard secrets from the beginnings of our life together. He had no idea if I would take our daughter and leave him, though he said I had every right to do so and he mostly expected me to. Instead, I knew God had brought us together for a specific purpose. I don't believe in divorce and decided that even though I was hurting, I really did love him and wanted to try and work past our current pain.

We began counseling, starting communicating A LOT about our individual fears and things about ourselves we wanted to change. It changed and saved our marriage! It hasn't been easy and still has it's down times as forgiveness does not mean forgetfulness. I ask God for His grace to allow me to forget. Most of the memories are gone where as before I asked for His grace, the memories and thoughts, anxieties would surface every day.

God's grace is a powerful thing! It can help you to forgive AND forget. It saves you from your sins and can help you overcome your weaknesses and remove them from your personal makeup. Without God's grace we would be lost and without hope.

I hope maybe this helps someone else possibly struggling with these issues or maybe someone who is hooked on all the gossip and hype to evaluate their own actions and turn them into something good.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot and Healthy...week 5

--ok, so i am putting this in after i wrote my post....cant get the logo to copy over so just imagine it's here anyways. :)

This past week, in spite of the holidays, was actually pretty good. I did all the pilates exercises, lost 5 pounds (dont feel it though) and went on two walks; one with kids and one just me and Soapy. IT WAS GREAT! :)

I did really well eating too! I have put together a nice regimin that allows roughly 400 calories a meal. Works out to 1600 cal (4 meals). For Thanksgiving, Soapy and I hosted so we cooked everything. It was all made to be on the healthier side of the holiday. To make it extra cautious I took a desert plate (knowing I would want to go back for seconds), so when it was time for wanting just another spoonful of this or that, it wasn't more food that getting one regular helping. It's the simple things that fool my mind these days....

I am not feeling my best today as my "aunt" came to visit..I wish she wouldn't bother...but I am getting ready for Nutcracker performances next week so it is going to be busy busy and tons of rehearsals. I shouldn't have a problem getting in the workout time...just hoping for the energy to continue the pilates this week! :)

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