Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life is full of joys

So today was our studio's annual recital. I teach the 3-6 year old classes. We decided to have a them "Going to the movies" this year. My kids danced to "Lilo and Stitch" and "Curious George". We did the hula to the first number and used hula hoops for the second. I was very proud that all 12 hoops stayed on stage and did not end up in the audience!
I am constantly amazed by these children. They look at life so simple. As adults we hype ourselves for an upcoming event in our lives we dwell on the "what ifs", fears, insecurities, perfection, what others will think of us. These children came today, put on their costumes, sat and played on the floor, colored and read stories. They stood up and got in line when I told them to, they ran right on stage and waved to all of their friends and family members, didn't do half the steps and they had a blast. They were so excited to just be there in the moment, they didn't care how they looked, if they got all the steps right, the "what ifs" of forgeting their parts or being nervous... they just danced. It reminds me of the Christian saying to dance like no one is watching. As adults we get so caught up in ourselves and what others think of us instead of dancing to be happy and dancing for God. These children never cease to teach me new things at such a young innocent age.
I am truely blessed and so proud of them.....this does not mean I am not truly exhuasted and wanted to get my head examined for taking on such a large group for these numbers. Everything went well though and they had a wonderful time and they were cute doing whatever it was they did on stage.

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