Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Busy

I don't know where the week has gone. I remember it being last week and wondering how I was going to get through the next 10 days until we leave for our trip. Monkey has been in VBS all week and she loved it! She was so sad to see it end but we had a wonderful conversation yesterday over Olive Garden about salvation and what baptism is for...why it's important. What a set of questions coming from a 4 year old!!
In other news we got great news from the allergist yesterday! Braedon has been without blood in his diaper for over two months!!!! This past week we have corrected his food intake and he has gained weight appropriately. His eczema has been clear since his bout of croup and ear infections. The doc said he only had a bit of fluid left in his ears but the redness is gone and most of the fluid is gone as well. He is still having a whole lot of pain with his teeth and his sleeping pattern at night has been very inconsistent but I am hoping that his teeth coming in will resolve that. We are trying some natural pain releavers to see if that and the tylenol will help. We got the clear for me to try adding soy into my diet and see how Breadon reacts. I am praying he handles it ok so maybe we can be over all of this blood and discomfort.

Life amazes me. What people will do for one another and the simple things people overlook doing for one another. A simple act of kindness, holding the door open or helping someone with their bags can mean so much to a person who is walking a rough road. I watch my daughter and her thoughtless love she pours out to others, even people she has never met. She is only 4 and she offers to open doors, hold the elevator for the lady walking up with her children; it brings tears to my eyes. If nothing else, I feel I am accomplished for leading her to God and allowing him to take over her heart. There is no way to say for certain that she will continue down this path the rest of her life and it most certainly will not be perfect but I have planted the seed and that is all He asks us to do.
I love my Lord and my children it literally pains me and brings me to tears. I would not give one day to change where I am today.

Good night :)

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