Monday, July 6, 2009

So this past three weeks has gone by so quickly and I feel horrible for not blogging about it but a computer was not coming on the beach with me! :)

We took a big family vacation out to Charleston, SC and down to see some friends in Georgia. We left on June 16th and didn't come back until June 29th. It was a blast! The kids absolutely loved the ocean and playing in the sand. Braedon certainly did not eat two fist fulls of sand and Caileigh did not enjoy chasing the crabs around the beach (because secretly if she didn't chase them she feared they would chase her). Mom and Dad rented a beach villa and we overlooked the Ise Of Palms sand and it was so beautiful! My sister and her husband live not too far from where we stayed so they came out early in the morning with their dog Oscar to play on the beach and after work to play with us in the water.

The first week, I flew out with the kids on my own and we went to Georgia to visit some friends of ours that we had made while in the Navy. Their kids are the same age as our two so the four of them had a blast playing together and we enjoyed catching up. It has been way too long!

June 20th I headed back to Charleston with the kiddos to pick Soapy up from the airport. We all headed to the beach and got settled in. We took the first night out and went to a local Mexican restaurant and relaxed out on the porch listening to the waves. We went to Seacoast church, one of the most amazing churches we have ever been a part of. We used to be members there when we lived in Charleston and couldn't wait to go back and see how much it has grown. For anyone interested, the website is . Among many reasons we would LOVE to move back is for that church. Caileigh has so much fun in the Kidscoast and hated to leave.

We spent the days on the beach, swimming in the pool, walking around downtown around the Market and the Battery.

Wednesday Soapy, me and the kids headed back down to Georgia so Soapy could spend some time with our friends. We took the night and went to Jacksonville and walked the Landing downtown. We took the ferry boat around the harbor and the kids really had fun with that. That night the kids played until the passed out, the babies slept and the older boys played video games until 4:30am! What did the girls do??? We crashed eventually with the babies in the master bed, we couldn't hang with the boys any longer!!

Thursday we said our goodbyes, sadly, and went back to Charleston. It was great to be with old friends that are just like family but we also wanted to have more time in Charleston. That night Soapy finished his school finals, for another term of 4.0!!!! Way to go Honey!!!

The last few days of our trip flew by and we hated to leave but our puppies and kitties missed us and work doesn't wait! Through prayer and patiently waiting on God, we pray he reveals a way for us to comfortably move back to Charleston some time in our lives.

Since getting back we have been packed full of me teaching dance, Soapy working and the kids getting shots for school and Braedon's sixth month shots. No fun for the kids or me, I hate when they cry.

On a positive note, Breadon started crawling June 30th! June 29th I found him sitting in his crib, that is the first time he has pushed himself up, June 30th he started crawling through the living room and July 1st I found him standing up holding onto the side of his crib! Time to break out the child gates and outlet covers!!!!

On a prayerful note, please pray for my family. My grandparents are in alot of pain and each are struggling with different physical ailments from back and knee problems to cancer and back surgeries. They are each looking at needing surgeries and the doctors aren't sure if they will make it through the procedures and to be honest they are wanting it to just be over, even if that means dying. My mom is trying to care for them and is emotionally torn and exhuasted. Also, a little boy that I have been following, Stellan, is having more problems with his heart. You can follow his story on but he is the same age as Braedon. His mom has a wonderful blog about their family and Stellan's progression. His heart though is needing a lot of prayers of heeling. He is definitely going to need another surgery which will most likely end in a pacemaker being put in. Right now they are trying to keep him stable with meds and it is hard on his body and not working all the time. Please pray for him and his family. One more prayer and then I will stop asking for prayers...please pray for us. Soapy is reaching his two year mark with the railroad in two weeks. He has to bid on a new position by the 17th of July. We aren't sure where to go. Our house in Texas is still not rented or sold. We are going to try putting it back up for sale but we don't know where God is calling us. We can't stay here without the house being taken care of because we cannot pay for a mortgage and rent. We really want to move back to the coast, ideally Charleston area but we cannot do that until he has his degree and the house is sold. Please pray that God would show us a light to our path and gives us the discernment to make the right decisions.
Well, I think that is it for now!!!!! As soon as I can find my camera chord I will post some wonderful pictures of the trip and recent happenings of the kiddos.

Love you and God bless!!!!

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