Monday, May 17, 2010

No Masses!

We had our followup with the neurologist today. She was excited to inform us that there are NO MASSES OR TUMORS on Braedon's brain!!!!!!

We are so excited and releaved about this! She wants to monitor his development process over the next six months to make sure he is on track with his speech. He has a few "words" and I say that loosly because to anyone besides immediate family, they don't sound like words; except "mama" that is a wonderful word that I love to hear. :)

She doesn't have any test results back yet and unfortunately the mitocondrial tests that everyone is particularly interested in will take forever to get back; like it could be late June at earliest that some of those start coming's a waiting game.

Yesterday I sat and listened to a wonderful and much needed sermon. It was on being in God's waiting room. Sometimes just being in His waiting room is what He has called us to do. To see what we will do while we are there. Sometimes there is nothing more, no perfect job, perfect house, etc. Sometimes He just wants to see what we will do in the midst of waiting and how we will portray our love for Him to others during that time. When we cloud our lives with worry and stress and complaining, we ruin the opportunity He has given us to wait and wait patiently on Him.

I am taking these valuable lessons and trying to apply them moving forward. I need to give it all to Him and I am trying, I really am. I am praying God gives me the insight to see what I can use this waiting time for to glorify His kingdom.

Right now, I am cherishing my children, rejoicing in a clean MRI and blowing bubbles in the backyard with the two most beautiful gifts I have ever received. :)

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