Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My "left-over" casserole

Or "I haven't posted in so long...I don't even know where to begin...so I am throwing it all in here and hoping it turns into something great"

Things are crazy...they are always crazy it seems. Soapy is still traveling and I am still teaching dance.

The studio is preparing for the Nutcracker right now. We started about the last time I posted (embarassing) and it is hard to imagine that we are three weeks away (only one more Saturday rehearsal left) before we begin our week of performances. The first week of December is always dedicated to performing for the local schools. Teachers are able to bring their classes to a local high school to watch the performance. We not only perform but help to instruct the audience in some of the steps or terms behind the scene.
The following week begins our formal public performances. We do three days, Friday-Sunday and most likely we will do two on Saturday...one as a charitable performance I believe. It is so much fun but I would be lying if I said I was not completely ready for a break with silence immediately following those first two weeks.
The rehearsals are going so well and the kids have really done a great job this year listening and practicing their parts. It should be a great show and  I can't wait to see it...or from the side of the stage anyways. ;)

I have also been working two new businesses...one more than the other as the second is still in the stages of prep and learning. The first is Partylite. I became a Partylite Consultant October 12th as a way to make some extra money. We are desperately trying to pull ourselves out of debt from the immediate repairs onthe house, Braedon's debt from the beginning of the year and loans we have had for a while. I want them GONE GONE GONE! I want us to be able to breathe deeply, easily and frequently. I want to be able to send my husband on the hunting trip of his choice next season and I want to go spend some much needed time with my sister on the beach. I have been working this business like mad and thankfully it is getting up and running quite quickly. I am setting my goal to be a team leader by December 1st. This is a little intimidating as I need 5 more people to join my team but I have the financial aspect of how much it takes to qualify already taken care of.
The biggest things that drew me to this business was obviously being my own boss, the fact that I didn't have to pay one penny to start and I love candles. Until now I haven't burned much since Braedon was born. Something about his fearless attitude and fire just haven't sounded wise. Now though, Partylite offers so many amazing versatile products. There are some with and without flames. THe ones with flames do not burn hot enough to burn you...they snuff out themselves if spilled over, they don't contain lead and now there is a new line coming out made of 96% soy! The candles are non toxic so the next time Braedon decides to take a chunk out of a candle for snack...there is no need to call poison control!!!

My other business is photography. It really is a passion and a stress relief for me. Right now I do not feel qualified to charge photographer prices so I am practicing on friends and family in order to build a r eputation and a portfolio.All I am asking for is enough to cover the cd for the pictures and gas for travel. Hey, a girl has to start somewhere. :) I am hoping that by spring I will be assisting a friend of mine with her wedding photography (she asked me to join her Dec 4th but....that's Nutcracker...um, no thanks). She is a long time friend and my newest team member with Partylite. We are so excited to jump into this together!!!!

Caileigh is really starting to pick up energy wise. Unfortunately this week she is battling a cold gone sinus infection. I am trying desperately not to catch it and to keep Braedon's at simply a runny nose. We shall see how that goes. Other than health she is doing so well! She is reading chapter books and recently started bringing home 2nd Grade homework! We are so proud of her and how well she is doing in school!

Braedon is as much a handful as ever. He is constantly runnign around and tearing things apart just so you will chase him....he is going to either kill me early or keep me young. I haven't decided. His health stuff has been relatively low key the last few months. We have had some yucky GI issues the last month or so but they never become full blown episodes like they were in the spring. I am praying it stays that way.
We had an appointment for him @Children's Hospital last week but the results from labs at Mayo in MN are still out. Something about questionable results that they would like to test further. Please be in prayer over that; I am trying to not think about why they have not talked to us about it yet and assume the worst...we moms like to do that.

Braedon is talking up a storm now! He has a lot of words that are now recognizable to others outside the family. I am so relieved that he suddenly flipped that switch. We are still working on the potty training. He was so motivated to start and now...he could care less about getting a treat. He can tell us when he is wet or dirty but that's as far as he goes. He will sit sometimes but nothing happens.....

In other news we are going to TX for Thanksgiving! We are leaving early and heading down there for a bit and back before school starts. It will be great to see everyone and especially hold my little niece Elyse and see Soapy's cousins brand new little girl Abby who will be born this week! I should have a nice wide variety of little ones to practice on and no other errands or committments to attend to! Let the clicking begin!!

I believe that has me somewhat caught up. Please continue to pray for Braedon's tests. Please pray that his cold doesn't go into his lungs like it did last year. Please pray for Caileigh that her body fights this off soon; the doctors said after getting out w/Meningitis that her body could take a lot longer to rid itself of infections. Also, please pray for Soapy and me. We are praying over some ideas and decisions we have coming up and things we feel God may be calling us to. Please pray for clear answers and directions as we approach those deadlines.

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