Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas....

Or NOT! :(

We were forcasted to start accumilating snow last night and through the night and day today. Well, we got a few flurries this morning and that quickly our 10 inches turned into a dusting. So disapointing! :( Such a bummer because the temperatures are fridged and gloomy, all of us are ready for a nap and the snow would make a nap so much better! (Don't ask me why, not sure but it just sounds good)

This weather is crazy! A friend of mine is on the east coast and just moved to Va and is experiencing her first real winter as they've been in Georgia. It has snowed the last three or so days and she has no idea how to get around in it! While she is stuck...we are enjoying bipolar weather ranging from 62 one day to 27 the next!!! :)

I am so excited for tomorrow to come! It is C's last day of school and then we are off for two weeks! I am se relieved! We need a break and definitely need some time together as a family to just have fun and relax. Here's hoping we have some snow over break to play outside in! It's always so hard to do so when there's school, schedules packed.

Have a great and safe evening everyone!

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