Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He is SO Wonderful

God is so amazing! Yesterday Stellan went home; a week ago the doctors weren't sure how to reverse what looked like a very serious situation, the family had been called in and my heart broke for him and his family. Not only was his recovery so miraculous, but I am so in awe at how God works to bring people together. I know my eyes were opened.

I have been praying, not quite as faithfully as I should or want to, but I have been praying. I have prayed that God would direct me to His path for me. Not for my family or for my husband or for us together, but for MY calling. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom and being able to stay at home with my children teaching them and loving on them but I have still felt incomplete. I have a feeling of emptiness inside my heart that I know is meant to be filled by God. My dad and I were doing a bible study and the subject of his study said that he knew at the end of his life that he had nothing left to give, nothing left to do for the Lord. He knew that he had followed God's calling for him and had reached out whenever he had an opportunity and touched others with God's love. I WANT THAT!!!!!! I want to know at the end of my life that I have done everything I could for God. That I resembled Him to others.

I have been searching for how to serve God. I love children and want to help with them. Through Stellan's story I have decided to volunteer at the Children's Hospital and the NICU here in town. Our family has been touched by both of these places and I want to give back to them. I am also searching out ways to help with women who have suffered miscarriages and also how to help with adoption agencies or orphanages.

As this past week progressed I saw how many people were praying for Stellan and his family. I saw how his journey spurred me to become more faithful in my time with God. I look forward to my time with Him, reading, praying, just sitting quietly. It's been great and I have been amazed at how many people God touched through Stellan's struggles this week.

He is truly truly wonderful!!!!!

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