Thursday, March 4, 2010

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I have been  a bad blogger lately. With Braedon being in the hospital, out and in and now out again.....I am exhausted! We are getting better though, PTL! We took a pulse/ox reading last night, the alarms only went off a few times but not long enough for me to have to turn the oxygen on. I still think its an apneia issue...we will see.
I took the O2 tubes off his face this morning; that's the first time since they were put on (aside from when my new friend Jennifer took family pictures for us last week while in the Springs for the Focus on Marriage simulcast). He is so happy to be free! I have been taking a twisty tie and tying up the cord behind him and then stuffing it up his shirt so it would stay out of the way. He has also had the pulse/ox cord running from his foot up his pant leg and then also tied in with the O2 hose. He is currently sitting here next to me in the kitchen banging the pots and strainers together having a great time!
When I am done, we will take the monitor back for reading, go do some grocery shopping and then head home for nap time! I love nap time!!!! :) I am going to get so much done today during nap time I can hardly wait!!! There's finishing the cleaning, putting away the laundry, setting up our new fish tank that I got handed down from my grandmother. It is one of my favorite things from when I was a kid; I loved to help her feed the fish when we would come to visit. I am also looking forward to sitting down and spending some time talking and listening to God.
See, WE. SOLD. OUR. HOUSE!!!!!!! We did! The man loved it and actually sent us an offer while we were in the hospital but it was ridiculously low and we turned it down. Well, he loved it so much he came up a whole $14,000! He is military, I think, and needed to have a contract signed last weekend and needs to have it closed no later than the end of this month. I cannot believe it; it is such an answer to prayer!!!!
There are so many more things I want to lay out here, on my blog, but it will have to wait until this evening after the kids are in bed. I am going to be writing several more (smaller I promise) posts to play catch up from the last three weeks. I have some thoughts I would like to share and get some advice on some of them too so please come back and keep up with me as I hash through it all!
Have a great day yall!

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  1. all great things! Can't wait to see your family pictures too, we were so bummed we couldn't have Jennifer take ours:(. Have a great day, here's hoping for some CO sunshine:)!