Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Quick

I can't write long, I have to get ready to go teach my little ones how to dance (or they teach me how to give up control....still not real sure who teaches who sometimes!). I am so excited for those of you who have helped raise money for the love a thon! I know we have reached our goal but I am sure if anyone felt like still donating it would be greatly appreciated and you have a chance to win some really cool prizes on some of the sponsoring blogs!

This week we could really use some prayers. Our house closes Wednesday and after that we will be free from a house in another state that has been weighing us down. Please pray that we don't have any problems getting things signed and turned over to the new owner.

Soapy is returning to traveling this week for work. :( My birthday is on Easter this year and we are all sad that he won't be here to celebrate with us again (he missed last year too, Braedon's first Easter). He is putting in job applications this week and we are praying God will lead us to where we are supposed to be....I am trying to also let go and realize that the right job will come in His time, not mine. We thought he may have a job lead that would get him out of traveling in the next two weeks but it hasn't worked out. I was very dissapointed and kind of upset so I spent some time with God having my attitude adjusted and hearing Him tell me that it wasn't HIS time......lesson learned...until I get impatient again and hear it again (it is my life long challenge).

Most importantly, Braedon goes to Denver Childrens' Hospital this week on Tuesday for an upper GI w/ a follow through and then Thursday for a colonoscopy/endoscopy. I am very nervous about these as last year he came out of it not breathing well and was hospitalized on oxygen. Please pray for him that he comes out ok. Please pray the doctors can find what is bothering him and a cure. Please pray for my nerves as I sit there alone because Soapy will be working Thursday and I have a large unshakeable fear that there is something really wrong that everyone is missing.

Thanks friends, to everyone I know and don't for reading and praying for our little man. :)

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