Thursday, April 8, 2010

Please Pray for Hailey

A friend of mine that I have met through this wonderful blog world lives in Denver, CO. Her daughter Hailey is 4 and dealing with some very serious conditions. Some of them are seizures and a condition called encephalopathy (I hope I spelled that right). SHe is such an amazingly sweet and giving little girl.

Robin is a wonderful mom. She has three children, one of them is in Heaven. Her husband Jeremy is awaiting medical seperation from the military after coming back from the Middle East. They are having a really rough time with getting the disability benefits he deserves and because of Hailey's condition, their medical care is not able to help after a certain point is reached. They are very tired, worn, frustrated and heart broken.

Three days ago, Hailey went into the hospital with another episode. This is the worst they have ever seen her. Early this mornign the catheter was lost in her arm and now is lost somewhere in her body. THe doctors aren't sure what to do to find it and once they do how to remove it. There is risk of it being in her heart or lungs.

At noon today she crashed hard. She stopped breathing and technically died. The rapid response team was able to stabilize her and she is not intubated and in ICU. She is awaiting a CT Scan, an ultrasound, EEG, EKG, and bloodwork. Please pray for Hailey and for her parents. Please pray for strength and peace. Please pray for the doctors and medical staff that they would be able to figure out her problems and that they would act swiftly and safely to bring Hailey out of this.

For up to date information, Robin's blog is . She is also on Twitter and Facebook under robinvisbal. She can't update her blog that often but said that she wil be tweeting as often as possible to keep current prayer requests.

Thanks so much.

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