Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We are still waiting. We went to Denver last Thursday, April 1st for Braedon's appointment for his colonoscopy and endoscopy. They did it and he did farely well coming out of it, we were able to go home that day. YAY!
What I didn't like was the consult afterwards. The doctor came and found me in the lobby and went over the pictures. She said the colon did not look good. I asked what could cause what she saw and she said she couldn't tell me, not until after the results come back from the biopsies but that they took several good spots so they should get the information they need. She told me to start calling first thing Monday morning for results so I did. I left message after message only to get a reply that afternoon that the nurse talked to the doctor and he wants to talk to me personally and will call me when he has a moment in between patients. It is Tuesday, still no word, I only know after I called this morning that it can take him 48 hours to call me back.

I am trying very hard not to get frustrated and angry, though I want to be right now. I am trying very hard not to worry and be scared. I am trying very VERY hard to give it to God and let Him do with it as He wills. A woman at Target tonight stopped to say hi to Braedon. She was not able to ever have children but she loves them so much. He was very happy and social. They played peek-a-boo for a bit and then she looked at me and asked if he was healthy. I was somewhat puzzled and told her for the most part but that we were actually waiting for results. She immediately put her hand on him and started praying and all I could do was stand there and hold him and cry. It touched me so much that a perfect stranger felt lead to pray for him.

So tonight I am waiting and praying for peace and comfort. I am waiting on God to show us what miraculous things he has in store for Braedon. I believe He has a great work to do in by son and I am excited to see how it all unfolds.

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