Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Results and stuff...

This morning I woke up to hearing words like, "delays" and "closures" on the radio. I layed there in bed thinking, SERIOUSLY??!!? I got up and sure enough the white stuff was coming down hard. In no time we had about 2 inches and then suddenly the sun came out and it stopped...then it started..then it stopped and know.
Caileigh's school was not delayed unfortunately so off to school she went but before I could walk out the door to drive her to school, the phone rang.

It was Dr F, the GI specialist in Denver. He apologized for me getting some incorrect information and the need to worry based on how the initial results were given to me. He said all tests came back...NORMAL!!! Praise God it was not this GI disease we were all worried about, and my mother in law's fear (and in the back of all our minds) of cancer. The bad thing is, he has no idea what to tell me. He can't explain the symptoms or the irritation.

So the decision for now is to do nothing. When Braedon goes back into another episode of this we will pack our bags and go to Denver for 2-3 days so Braedon can be hospitalized. Not really what I want but there is a degree of relief knowing they will test him in house on food and monitor his stats, taking samples of stool and what have you while we are there. I just have to wait for another episode to pop up.

So thank you everyone for praying for the results to come back clear. Please pray he goes into his next episode when Soapy can be home and help me with Caileigh or she will have to miss school (or something, just not sure what that will be yet) and that the doctors can see first hand what is happening and can help us solve this mystery. It gets pretty frustrating watching him in pain and holding him down to change his diaper and put cream on him when he looks like he has 2nd degree burns all over his bottom area.

Other news--Love A Thon results: Angela and Brittany I am so sorry that I have slacked on getting this sorted out, things have just been overwhelming the last few weeks. I have decided to give you BOTH a gift card for Mary Kay!! Please email me and give me your contact information and I will get it to you. I have a website but am having trouble with it right now, it should be up and running soon and then you can order from there. :) Check out these girls sites, they are super cute and have some great ideas in them!

Well, that is all for now! Later I am going to put up some pictures (FINALLY) of Easter and random things the kids have been up to lately. Have a great day y'all!!! :)

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