Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A "Good Mom" Day

Today has been a very nice, pretty uneventful day. Braedon went to the bathroom twice in the toilet!!! I was so proud of him, his sister and I did a dance in the bathroom! Followed by a sticker for trying and a smarties for actually going!!

We took Caileigh to swim lessons and I watched her stick her face in the water and float on her stomach! Anyone who knows our daughter knows this is about as big as Hell freezing over. LOL...we are not fans of water on our face. Putting her in swim lessons was the best thing we have done all summer!

I had my second interview today for Ballet Emmanuel. I am nervous but I know I did my best so the rest is in God's hands. It is intimidating to think of going back to work after not working for someone else for nearly 6 years. Sure I teach dance but....this requires me to bring in bookings for tours...their means of making money and spreading their message. The best part is, it is part time and works from home for the most part. It can't get better than that!

I am reading an amazing book that I picked up from the bookstore at church last week. It is titled, " Am I Messing Up My Kids...and Other Questions Ever Mom Asks?" I am on chapter 4 and it is hard to put it down. It is set up as a few page chapter with a reflection section at the end of each chapter. It ties in scripture and helps you to work through some of the major mental struggles we as "super moms" have.
Here is the link on Amazon.com to Lysa's book. She is a mom of 5, her children are grown or at least some are in college and the baby is still younger. I have been struggling with our oldest and establishing a God inspired mother/daughter relationship without compromising my duties to instruct and discipline according to His teachings. I admit, I get these messed up all too often and have been frustrated as of late trying to fix them "on my own". This book is set to help you "...release your stress and become refilled and refreshed...". I recommend this book to every mom, whether you are cradling your first born or putting your sixth child through their senior year of high school. I think it is a valuable tool to any mom no matter their stage of motherhood.

Well, I am headed to bed. I am going to try and put some of the principles I am learning in Lysa's book to good use tomorrow and enjoy a blessed day with my two children, making memories we will treasure for a lifetime. May you all enjoy and treasure those you love and tell them often how much you love them! Goodnight! :)

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