Monday, July 19, 2010

Prayers and Thanksgiving

It has been nearly a month since I have posted here. I feel horrible. It isn't that I have been away from my computer or haven't had time to log on to Blogger....I have had time, I did log on. I would get ready to post and was just without energy.

My lack of energy has not been due to Braedon being sick and thus not getting any sleep. Instead it has been because Braedon is doing so incredibly well that we have been going NON-STOP. He has not had one single episode since June 9th! We are giving him medications for digestion and respiratory functions but other than that, he is free and clear. He has decided, based on his new found freedom from being sick, to bless us with a wake up call every morning between 6-715 am....I am not a morning person so this is really not acceptable to me but what do ya do??? He goes fast forward, almost as if he is making up for all the lost time of being sick. His vocabulary has suddenly taken off; we hear nearly 2 or 3 new words every day and he doesn't forget them! He is happy, running, playing and developing his own personality. It is wonderful to see but also very exhausting!

We have spent some much needed family time and gone for day hikes or overnight camping trips in the mountains. We are in swim lessons with both of the kids and having a great summer together.

We are also buying a house! It has been made clear that for now, God's plan is not for us to pick up and move to the East coast. As much as this pains me and is truly not what I doesn't really matter because it is not what HE wants. Through all of our trials and struggles with Braedon I have come to learn to accept God's plan and will much more than I used to. We are not going to be far from my parents and the kids will have their own room....who am I kidding, I get me own room too!! That is a big thing when you have shared your room with the laundry room, bathroom, and nursery for nearly 3 years. We are so blessed with the house God is providing us and can't wait to make a new start for our family.

This Thursday I am taking Braedon to Denver Childrens' to talk with his GI doctors on the next step. He has been doing well and thriving so that is a plus. All the tests they have done are coming back normal or negative which is also a huge plus (they have been testing some very scary, terminal things). It still remains to be seen if the meds are making him feel better or if God has miraculously healed Braedon. I half expect them to try weaning him off the meds to see what happens. I am nervous about this but know that God will protect my son.

Both Soapy and I have job interviews this week. His would bring him home permanently and mine would be a great Christian company that will allow me to work from home. Please be in prayer that if these are being sent from God that the doors will fling wide open.

I am also considering a mission trip to Alaska this October. I have received information about the trip today and am going to be in prayer and meditation to see if it is where God wants me to go. It will be delivering VBS (Vacation Bible School) to a community of missionaries' children. This retreat is once a year and is highly anticipated by all serving in Alaska. Because of this, there is a great amount of spiritual warfare going on that week. I am praying and deliberating on whether it is where God wants me to serve and if He thinks I am spiritually strong enough for this trip right now, in my walk with Him.

Happy Monday and have a wonderful, blessed week!

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