Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garmaam, food, MckMama and Friends

Two nights ago, my friend Renee, invited me to her house for an international skyping adventure.

Since my husband was out of town, I bundled up the kids for a pajama party! We swung through Target (since I didn't have enough time to finish the treat I initially set out to take) and grabbed some salsa and guacamole for the chips and a pretty cake (though not anywhere as good as my friend Karina's)

Braedon slept through the entire evening which is unheard of. Caileigh helped play with Dani (it really was such a chore for really!)

We had a great time talking with Jennifer and the group from the village joining her. It was so much fun to think we were talking with a group on the other side of the country right through the computer and that the other side was not in a booming metropolis!

The entire evening was so much fun. We laughed and giggled and spent time talking about our blogs and how to design them. It was a wonderful and relaxing night.

Head on over to Renee's blog to watch a video clip Renee set up of the entire phone call!


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