Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot and Healthy Week 3

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Sorry, this is going to be as organized as I can be right now, as I have had 2 hours of sleep and I am crashing BIG time!

This past week was not what I wanted it to be. I have tried the pilates 3 days this past week, danced 4 hours and did kettleball workout once. I have wanted to start running again. I really REALLY want to run a half marathon this spring! I need the motivation to get out and run...just have NO motivation to do it in the snow :). Not that it's an excuse but we had Braedon at the doctors twice this week for allergic reactions and then Friday morning for tubes....I am so ready for my hubby to come home tomorrow!!! :)

My diet has been for the most part great. I only went to Chickfila once but got a salad. I did have a piece of chocolate cake my dad brought home (but I spread it out over 4 days....two or three bites a night so does that count?? :) ) My biggest concern over my diet is still the water intake and we have had to put Braedon on a formula for the most part so he isn't getting much breast milk now. The temptations to eat more freely are really great as I am not restricted for the health of my son.

It will all work out!..workout...haha! :P

Sorry this is late but I just got back from Denver Children's and the kids are in bed! Going to work harder this week so I can get the weight advantage before the holiday! Can anyone help me out with why I have not lossed pound weight but my clothes are fitting loser??? That is very frustrating!

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  1. How is the kettleball workout? Is it fun? I don't blame you for not getting out there and running..snow=cold, which equals no fun! I'm not really an outdoor runner I'm a little wimpy..:-)

    Um..I think it's totally awesome that your clothes are fitting looser..weight shmeight!

  2. My arobics instructor told me that the reason why I am not loosing weight but my clothes are fitting better is because I am gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. I personally would rather see the weight go down on the scale so I have some proof that this is working!!! Good job and keep it up!!!