Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me Monday!--almost too late :)

We have been going and going today. We started Caileigh's swimming lessons and I taught dance, cleaned in between and played outside! It's been so busy!! But I thought I would put a few things together for MckMama's Not Me Monday. The idea is you get to confess whatever embarassing, frustrating or just dim whitted things you have done over the last week and get it off your chest! This week she is giving away a special prize! Head on over and check it out and hop in soon!

So this past week I did not take my children to the doctors for what was supposed to be a simple appointment for Caileigh only to find out she's allergic to the sun and Braedon has a double ear infection. While at said appointment, I definitely did not get thrown up on by Braedon and then wipe out the inside of my bra and clothes with baby wipes just to make it home. I did not treat this as though it was a normal occurance because my son never throws up on a regular basis all over me. I did not tell the nurses that it was ok, I have one of those wonderful plastic puke buckets in my car complete with towels if needed on the way home.

I did not wake up one morning to find Braedon outside running around pantsless in the backyard. I always make sure he is safe and secured in his crib and would never sleep through him crawling out and walking out of our room to go play by himself.

I would never crawl through the front window after locking my keys in the house. I always make sure they are in my pocket before closing the door.

I most certainly did not look at Braedon the other day and ask him to please take the waterfall rocks out of his mouth and tell him "Son, please put those back. I told you yesterday these are not for eating,they are for watching". Apparentl watching rocks in water is not fun for a 19 month old!

Happy Not Me Monday!!

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  1. How is it that spit up and vomit always makes itsway down the bra? My 3 1/2 month old just got me!