Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Day of Possibilities

Yesterday was very frustrating but a night of sleep (or atleast a night...don't know how much sleep Little Man let me have) gave me a fresh start. I am taking the kids and heading to Texas to fix our house. It is going to cost a good amount of money and that is something we don't really have but it has to be done. So I am putting it in God's hands, jumping forward and making a move so He can show us how He's going to use it to bless us.
I went and looked at carpet and wood flooring today, got some estimates and called a recommended contractor to see what he would charge to help do the labor. So we will see.
Braedon is doing better today. His staph infection has seemed to get better over night and the new spot hasn't gotten any worse. There's a blessing. He woke up at 5am this morning and after trying to get him to sleep (and failing) we snuggled in bed. I love those moments. It was quiet and he layed his head down on my chest and dozed in and out. I can't get enough of those moments!!
Please pray for my mother in law and a friend's dad. My MIL is having problems with her memory and losing her balance lately. I found out this morning about this and that this coming Thursday she is having a memory test and second MRI. It might be a God thing that we are going down there to visit this week and working on the house. My friend's dad had a massive heart attack yesterday. He is on machines in ICU. They have put in one stint and need to repair two more places but can't right now without putting him into another attack. My friend is in the Navy and doesn't know yet what has happened. THey are waiting to tell him until they get closer in so as not to distract him. Please pray that God keeps his dad strong until he can make it back in to be with him.


  1. found you from the forum. I'm now a follower! Am excited to stay in touch. :)

  2. sorry, it has taken me so long! i am so glad you found me! we have been really busy with trying to fix our house in texas and get it on the market. :)