Tuesday, September 1, 2009

God's Way..AKA--Now what?

So it is true that my ways are not His ways....have you ever had a moment when you wished he would just tell you what His way is so you can get on with it already???? Last week we thought we were moving back to Texas, just in time for our house that we own there to become vacant again. Soapy has needed to bid on a new position with the railroad and he decided it only made sense for us to go back to our house...where we have a place to live....where we can be a little better financially...where Soapy and my Dad can both be a little less stressed. APPARENTLY that is not God's plan. Three days before we thought we would be looking at packing up and moving, Soapy got word that he will not be able to move back there right now.

So......now what??? Now we have a vacant house that is in need of some major repairs due to tennant damages. Now Soapy is floating around from vacant position to another waiting for a permamnt position to come available somewhere. Now my parents are faced with bringing my grandmother back to live with them and hiring a nurse to come in and care for her (thus meaning they really need us out of the house so they can put her in the bottom floor).

Lord?! Can't you give me some answers??? Now what are we supposed to do?? I need to help financially but cannot put Little Man in daycare right now. We need a place to live but cannot afford rent, we can barely make the bills we have. Lord I need some sleep, I need some rest, I need some peace. We are trying to live by you and do Your will....we just feel so lost.

Lord?!! I am here, please guide me and use me! I need to feel Your presence!!

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