Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot and Healthy...week 5

--ok, so i am putting this in after i wrote my post....cant get the logo to copy over so just imagine it's here anyways. :)

This past week, in spite of the holidays, was actually pretty good. I did all the pilates exercises, lost 5 pounds (dont feel it though) and went on two walks; one with kids and one just me and Soapy. IT WAS GREAT! :)

I did really well eating too! I have put together a nice regimin that allows roughly 400 calories a meal. Works out to 1600 cal (4 meals). For Thanksgiving, Soapy and I hosted so we cooked everything. It was all made to be on the healthier side of the holiday. To make it extra cautious I took a desert plate (knowing I would want to go back for seconds), so when it was time for wanting just another spoonful of this or that, it wasn't more food that getting one regular helping. It's the simple things that fool my mind these days....

I am not feeling my best today as my "aunt" came to visit..I wish she wouldn't bother...but I am getting ready for Nutcracker performances next week so it is going to be busy busy and tons of rehearsals. I shouldn't have a problem getting in the workout time...just hoping for the energy to continue the pilates this week! :)

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  1. Wow Christy! 5lbs is awesome and through Thanksgiving!!

    I want to know your 1600 cal a day regimen..

  2. Ugh...stupid Aunt Flo, and her evil sidekick Captain PMS...they'll getcha everytime--just fight back harder!! Way to GO!!! I am so impressed, and what a fabulous idea with taking a dessert plate! Today, my friend...you are my hero. ;)