Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

So as a mom, there are plenty of times we all do things that under normal circumstances we would NEVER do! Even if we did do those things we would never admit to the fact that we don't have it all together all the time! Definitely NOT ME!
Today is Monday and a blog friend of mine, MckMama, holds a "Not Me Monday" at Each week she confesses to things that have "Not" happened over the past week. Each week she invites her readers to blog/post/comment about the same things in their own lives. It's a fun way for us all to confess, be authentic and real and just be moms. Moms that don't have it all together and realize that in the bigger picture of God's greatness, THAT'S OK! :)

So here is my "Not Me Monday":
This has been an eventful, put it in the record books kind of week for everything that could go wrong would go wrong. My children most certainly did not come down sick the day after my husband and parents left town for work and vacation respectively. I did not in a matter of three days visit the pediatrician with them 3 times and call atleast 6 more times.I am always composed and confident in my childcare. I did not ask what could get worse as my daughter came down with a sinus infection, pink eye and shingles all in two days. I am always well dressed and coifed before leaving my house so I would never leave and go to the doctors or the store with all three of us in pajamas. Not me!

I did not contemplate for a minute that putting my son and daughter together at that moment would be a great idea so he would go ahead and get it all and be over with; not me. I definitely did not camp out downstairs in the basement with the kids pretending that the rest of the house didn't exist and therefor did not have to be cleaned. I did not leave all the cleaning until two hours before my parents came home. My house is always prepared for the "white glove" test.
I did not pretend to be sleeping when both kids woke up and wanted to be up just so they would finally go back to sleep so I could get another hour of sleep too. Not me!
I did not after calling to ask the doctor about how shingles spread from one body part to another have to call BACK because my son flipped himself out of his high chair and fell on the tile floor head first. Not me! I did not proceed to let him t-p the house just to keep him entertained while I watched for signs of a concussion.
Last but not least, I did not pour water on my daughter's cereal because the milk had gone bad and I had absolutely nothing left in me to load them up and go to the store to buy more.

There! That was my week in a VERY abbreviated caption! There were so many more things that NEVER happen in my life, I needed to start a log in order to remember them all! It was definitely not a week I care to repeat and many of the happenings definitely did not happen becuase that just is not me! I always stay calm, never neglect my house cleaning and always know how to take care of my children's illnesses! Good luck this week everyone and I am sure I will have more to share next week!

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