Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am so excited and encouraged and wanted to share with y'all what is happening that is making me that way.

In the last three weeks I have been noticing some changes in Braedon. His GI stuff is still occurring but on a much less frequent cycle and I believe that to be a little bit from the medications they have him on for digestion and a lot from prayer from so many people! His energy has picked up and he is active from dawn to dusk! As a parent of a chronically sick child, I much prefer the go-go activity to the listlessness that was his daily life this time last month. I can't believe how far he has come in a mere 4 weeks!

Other things I have noticed changing in our youngest is his balance and mental advances. He is much more sure footed lately and is picking up speed chasing his sister around the house. He has also added a large (for him and all things considered) list of vocabulary and sounds to his repertoire. He can now make the sounds of most zoo and farm animals (before he went into the hospital the beginning of May he could bark and meow and that was it!), he can say "ish, Nana, papa, started saying Dada again, drink, cereal, juice, Elmo". Before the beginning of May he said, "mama, da (dog), ba (ball), ou (out)". I can't believe how his vocabulary has just taken off!! I am wondering if his body was just deprived of so many nutrients since he wasn't digesting anything and was lacking what he needed for his brain to function. It's is so great to see the excitement on his face when he uses a new word and we make such a big deal out of it. He is noticeably less frustrated in his communication than he was a month ago.

Three days ago, he started really pulling on his diaper and getting upset when he was wet or dirty. Once, Caileigh came running to tell us he took off his shorts and diaper because it was wet. We brought out Caileigh's old training potty. He has gone in a few times each day just to sit on it, especially if I go in to go to the bathroom. Yesterday, by chance, he actually was sitting there when he went! He was so excited. So we now have Smarties as treats for going to the bathroom. :) I am hesitant to start potty training with his current issues but if he's ready, why not start? So wish us luck and anybody out there with training advice for a Mommy with her first boy......I will take all I can get!

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