Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great Day!

Have you ever sat at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed and asleep and thought, "I can do this! I may finally be getting the hang of this parenting thing!"...well that is where I am right now. I am too excited to go to bed so I am blogging. :)

Braedon has been doing much better the last 10 days or so. We have gone without a major episode. He has had some GI cramping I think (pain and swollen abdomen, fussiness) but know violent vomiting or mini seizure-like episodes for almost 2 weeks! I am so excited!!! It's been nice to be able to have a somewhat normal life! We are still waiting for test results for the cystic fibrosis and the genetic tests. They said 4 weeks on the CF so that puts us at 2 weeks out. The others should start trickling in any day now. I am going to put calls into the labs to see if anything has come back yet and to make sure the results are being sent to the right doctors.

Today Caileigh, Braedon and I headed to my old high school parking lot to practice riding bikes. Caileigh is to say petrified of riding her bike would be an understatement. She loves the idea and really wants to ride but she is a very cautious child. I decided since Braedon is doing so well this past week GI related, I have the time, energy and attention span to help her. The school lot is flat (which is impressive in Colorado) and it's warm (which is also impressive for CO as most of the year the bike has sat in the garage due to cold, snow and hills).

She was nervous at first but after a few minutes was pumping up and down the parking lot. We had a few problems with the training wheels turning and stuff so we ended our practice time early. She was a champ though! She would get off and fix it and hop right back on and take off (if you know my daughter, you know this is totally out of character for her and she would rather watch grass grow than to try something that intimidates her).

Our goal for the summer???......GET THE TRAINING WHEELS OFF!!!! Caileigh is a very tall almost 6 year old. With that comes a heavier than average almost 6 year old. Part of the complications I would imagine come from her weight exceeding the maximum capacity for the training wheels. Our goal is to have her riding without them be end of summer.

The best part though, aside from seeing her smile, trusting me and having fun, was her coming home and while in the bathtub, said, "Mom, I had a really great day today. Thanks for helping me, it sure was fun!" For those of you who know my daughter you know what a step that was. For those of you who don't, she does not trust anyone for any reason. She wants to and it breaks her heart that she doesn't. She is very cautious and has always had a somewhat panic-type personality about trying new things (unless she is away from us and with friends and then she seems to branch out a bit). I was SO proud of her today!

I took some video and pictures of her so I will post them tomorrow. I need to get some sleep so I can function, I promised to take them to the Cheyenne Mtn Zoo in the morning. Should be loads of fun, you can feed the giraffes right from your hand.

Also, thank you to any of you that have been praying for us. I definitely feel the peace lately. I am working hard on my time with God and letting Him take control of our lives and the outcome for Braedon. It is not easy to let go of your child and acknowledge you can't control their fate but I am getting better. Also, two weeks ago Soapy was able to catch a bid on another crew for work. They are in the same place as his old crew and he is doing the same job but this foreman is infinitely times better than the last. Soapy has more enjoyed (as much as possible) going to work than regretted having to spend time with these groups of guys. I am so thankful for that answer to prayer while we search for a local position of some sort.

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