Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I feel horrible for not updating sooner. We have had a very busy three weeks. After getting Braedon out of the hospital, my sister came out to visit for a week to help out. She left and the next week my mother in law, sister in law and brother in law came to visit for a week. This past week my uncle came out to visit. We have been blessed with the ability to spend so much time with family lately and the wonderful help that they bring.

The medicinal cocktail they have Braedon on seems to be helping a bit. They have put him on probiotics and zinc to help with his appetite and some of the stomach discomfort. He is on some respiratory medicines to help the asthma and nasal secretions. He is on some antibiotics that, in this weaker concentration, are used to promote digestion. All of these, while expensive, are actually helping. Instead of the daily vomit and diarrhea routine we were experiencing, it is much more tame. We have two really bad days a week where he just suddenly starts throwing up and will every 20 minutes for about 5 hours, during that time the bowls get worse and they persist for about 48 hours. He gets very week and just sleeps in my arms until his body starts to heal and he wakes up with more pep. He has gained back about a pound and a half since the 11th of May. We are grateful for that, he is nearly at the same weight he was last June and even though he has always been  a good six months ahead in his clothes size, he is now sporting 12-18 month clothing (he actually fits 9mos shorts best around the waist, 12 months are now even too big). We bought him 12 mos clothes last June for our vacation to Charleston. I am trying to not freak out about that and be patient and let the medicines help to encourage him to eat.

I am rejoicing in the fact that my husband met with his VA counselor today. She helped him with his resume and said she believed she could help him find a new job that would offer great benefits fairly soon and easily. I am praying for this; I need him home, our kids need him home.

Braedon has also added some new vocabulary this week and I am praying it sticks this time. He has a habit of adding new words or sounds and then loses them just as quickly. He can now ribbit like a frog, he started saying "DADA" which he hasn't said since he was about 7 months old. He still barks and meows and I think he tried to say "sissy" and crow like a rooster today. If I can remember I will try and record him imitating a frog and post it soon.

Tomorrow we leave for Denver again for more blood work. The sweat test they did last week didn't collect enough sweat for the test. If anyone is ever faced with having to do this for your child, save yourself the trouble and torture of your child afraid and screaming, just get the blood test; they will do it anyways if you have a positive sweat test. We are going to do the blood test for Cystic Fibrosis tomorrow and a whole gamut of tests for antibody allergies that would coincide with the autoimmune disorders they are testing for. I don't know how long those take to get back, I am hoping not long.

Caileigh is out of school now, has been for almost two weeks. She is getting bored already, not that she has told me or that the action packed adventures our family members have taken her on hasn't been enough but I can tell she isn't being mentally stimulated anymore. Time to break out the crafts and workbooks I bought just for the summer!

We are having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of things we don't need or can live without for now. We are taking all the money and paying off some debt. Braedon's health stuff is starting to get up there in $$ and I am concerned it may get worse before it gets better. We are talking of relocating to a few different locations as we figure out what Braedon's problems are. We don't want to have debt to hang over us along with the financial burden of a sick child. A friend of my husband, his wife does medical billing from home; I am looking into it. It may be an option for now until I can have the time to pursue photography or Mary Kay. Neither is working for me right now, I just can't plan on being anywhere when I am not sure Braedon will be well.

Please pray for us that God shows us where He wants us to be and what He wants us to be doing. Please pray God provides us with conclusive test results so we can begin to move forward. Please pray I can get some sleep tonight; Braedon has already been up twice crying in pain and I have typed most of this while holding him asleep in my arms at one point or another.

*****Thank you to everyone praying for us and for loving on my son from a distance. It means so much to me to know there are other prayer "warriors" out there petitioning on his behalf while I hold him.*****

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