Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Post with GREAT news!!!

I can't stay long, Caileigh starts swimming lessons today! Just wanted to leave a quick note letting everyone know that we got test results for Braedon back.

He does NOT NOT, let me repeat, NOOOOT have Cystic Fibrosis or the Mitocondria Disorder!!!!! PRAISE GOD! I am so relieved these tests were normal and we don't have to worry about them anymore. We still don't know what he has or any ideas of what to do next. We will meet with his team of doctors on July 23, unless a cancellation comes up before then.

The last two weeks he has been so much better than the last few months! Braedon went to the doctor Friday for a fever, found out it's a double ear infection  but we found out he is 26.1 pounds! He has gained all the weight back plus a pound since May 7th. That is amazing and exciting! We are so thankful and amazed that God is allowing him to feel better, have more energy and being able to live like a normal 18 month old.

We are praying for ultimate healing and that God will show us what His will is and direction through all of it. We are praying that somewhere along the way a test can be done to determine why he has this problem and how to fix it. We are looking forward to not having to worry about when he will have another episode.

Well, I have run! Wish us luck!! Caileigh is not a fan of putting her face in water so today may be a bit interesting to say the least. :)

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