Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Much deserved, and belated pictures

Here are some very belated pictures from a photo session with had with Jennifer McKinney when she and Israel came to Colorado Springs for Focus On The Family's Focus on Marriage conference in February. I was so excited to be able to get these pictures done, even if I did have to sacrifice both anniversary and birthday dates to get them! It was worth it, there were so many pictures and they were all so good. We made some good friends in the process and have memories to treasure forever.


This was one of our family pictures on the steps of the castle. Caileigh was so upset we were taking her to a castle for pictures and not letting her wear a dress. She was so worried she would run into a real princess and not be properly dressed....yes a girly girl and she's all mine!

I love this one just because I'm the Mama and if I had it my way I would love to keep him like this for a while. He is such a sweet, precious little boy who loves his Mama very much. Don't be fooled though, sweet/precious do NOT exclude him from being a handful/over active and ALL boy!

I love this one of Caileigh blowing snow. We had so much fun with this picture. It wasn't that cold, it was in the 40's but had snowed the night before. She picked up a handful and started blowing it all over.

We had just gotten to the Castle, Braedon had just woken up and I took the oxygen sticky tabs off his face (FYI, don't just pull them off, it takes off skin thus leaving you with sores on their face and a very upset little boy)

I loved this one, Caileigh played peek-a-boo with Jennifer and they turned out great.

What can I say? I just love his eyes and he can be so sensitive when he wants to be.

Well, that is it for now. I will post more later but I am going to bed. I was able to put Braedon back to bed in between posts and I am going to hit the bed before he wakes up again! Good night everyone and God Bless!

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