Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mommy Blues

I have the Mommy Blues tonight. My little man started walking right before Christmas!! Two DAYS before Christmas. I am totally excited about the fact that he's walking but sad to realize my baby, my last baby is growing up. He is so sweet, so precious. I rocked him for a bit tonight and sang to him and just as I was ready to stand up, he curled up and layed his head on my chest and snuggled. I LOVE IT!!! I never want it to end.
I am sad that this will be the last time I get to do this stage. I wish so much that we could continue growing our family. I am not ready for it to end.
Caileigh is growing up too fast. She is such a wonderful big sister and has had such a wonderful time the past two weeks playing with Braedon. This new found freedom in his walking has increased the entertainment factor. I watched as they took turns chasing eachother around the house this morning just busting out in giggles as they would come around the corner. I love the giggles. I pray it never ends.
I wish Soapy could be here. I am so blessed to be able to stay home right now with them and I know that is quickly coming to an end. I wish it wouldn't. I hate that he travels so much and is gone for so much of the "moments". I hate going to bed when he's gone. The first few nights are the worst and I typically sit up until I nearly pass out. I can never relax to sleep when he's gone.
This post was much needed and doesn't begin to get me caught up from the last two weeks but I am not in the mood or have the energy to post more tonight or upload the pictures that I need to get on here. I will save that for maybe tomorrow.


  1. Oh, Christy! I wish I could give you a hug! Mama blues stink...and, I'm totally in the same boat. Our youngest, is growing up so incredibly makes me wanna cry, 'cuz she is our last...

    The last time we will ever do so many "firsts" know?!!

    P.S--thanks for your bedroom advice! I sleep next to the far, not overly annoying...but, it's only been a few days! Oh, and will you be my personal interior designer?! Please? ;)

  2. I know, where you are coming from with that. My baby is almost four and I so want another baby some days and others I am happy I don't have to change, nurse, or wear anybody. My oldest is almost thirteen.
    I can't believe they just keep growing!
    I have that amazing job of staying home with my kids only part time and I love every minute of it.
    Sometimes I just sit and try to make a mental picture hoping it will never change.
    Sorry for us, it does.

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