Sunday, January 17, 2010

My heart aches

It is 11:40pm...I cannot sleep. I am instead watching something on the tv next to my husband and refreshing the facebook page for the Hotel Montana in Haiti. I am searching for new information, hope that one of "ours" is still alive and to be rescued soon.
Renee Hames goes to my MOPS group. Her husband David went as a videographer with Dan Wooley to Haiti. They were both in the lobby but Dan was able to get into the elevator and when he looked back, there was too much in the way for him to see David. Dan, PRAISE GOD, was rescued and he is back with his wife now. David is still missing and my heart aches for Renee and their two sons. I didn't know her well except for meeting her once and seeing her at MOPS, we have a very large group. I wish there was more I could do to help but there isn't.
I see and think about all the children that have lost their homes, their entire families. I want to scoop them all up in my arms and hold them and take care of them. My heart just aches for all the families that have lost someone close to them or who are still missing. My heart aches for those that are still trapped and are scared. My heart aches for these children who are scared and wondering who will care for them.

My heart just aches so I will pray.

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